Mothers’ Meeting

On Wednesday the 28th of March (Week 9), our school hosted another successful Mother’s Meeting, supported by the Department for Education’s ‘Parents in Education’ (PiE) initiative. The program aims to involve mothers (and caregivers) from a range of cultures in our school community, providing them with a forum to discuss community and school-based issues.

 According to the DECD website: ‘The PiE initiative promotes and highlights the importance of parents being engaged in their child’s learning and education from birth through school, and provides practical advice for parents on how to support their child’s learning.’

As part of the day’s programme, parents enjoyed lunch, posed questions and discussed a range of school and community related topics with our Principal (Anti Macri), Community Partnerships Coordinator (Thomas Parkin) and Community Liaisons (Bushra Rasheed, Jian Ali and Bala Bhattarai). The next PiE meeting will be held next term (Week 8).