Parents' (PIE) Meeting

On Tuesday, 30th of October (Week 3) we hosted another successful Parents’ Meeting at our school. The meeting was well attended by 51 parents/caregivers from 14 different cultural and language groups, representing the wonderful diversity of our school. It also afforded them a fantastic opportunity to participate in our learning community and to engage with other parents and families.

At the meeting, our families listened to an informative presentation by Erika von Aspern (IEL Program Manager, Department for Education) on the expectations and challenges of education in South Australia. The families then enjoyed a delicious lunch, followed by a discussion with the visiting delegates from the Council of International Schools and the Department for Education that also attended. The feedback that the visitors received about our school from the families was overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic, reflecting the hard work that our staff do every day to provide a safe, positive and engaging learning environment for our students.

Once again, we thank our parents/caregivers for taking the time out of their busy lives to attend the meeting.

Our next Parents’ Meetings will be held in Term 1, 2019.