Our Vision

Adelaide Secondary School of English fosters intercultural understanding, educating the culturally diverse student population in English language skills and developing capabilities for effective life-long learning and participation in Australian and global society

We Value

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Resilience


Adelaide Secondary School of English has a unique, dynamic and culturally diverse student population. We strive to provide a safe, supportive and stimulating learning environment whereby our students

  • are provided with a relevant and challenging curriculum

  • share cultural perspectives to enhance learning and build positive relationships

  • are educated to become community minded and global citizens

  • are provided with opportunities to become confident, critical, creative and independent learners

  • develop communication skills and social responsibilities enabling them to contribute effectively in society


Our school objectives are to:

  • develop students’ English language competencies and further build upon their knowledge and skills so that they are better equipped for life-long learning, can realise their full potential and contribute positively to the wider community
  • foster in students a positive sense of themselves as individuals so that they understand that diversity can be embraced and utilised to collaboratively create a better world
  • provide students with a general understanding of Australia’s democratic and multicultural society so that they fulfil their rights and responsibilities as citizens
  • develop partnerships with community organisations to support our students, families and caregivers